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 Playing by the Rules, [Octavia]
Octavia Lewis
 Posted: Nov 25 2014, 02:42 PM
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Octavia sat quietly and waited for the hovercraft to come get her, all the while pressing down on her stomach to keep from moving the bullet that was most definitely still inside of her. She needed to be in a calmer area to get it out, and right now, she wasn't exactly in the most sterile of situations. If she were to try and push it out, it would probably lead to more damage if she wasn't focused enough. She could feel it in the flesh of her intestines, just lodged between the tissues. Luckily she had enough concentration to be able to hold it in one spot, rather than shaking it all around. Things inside her body were easy enough; telekinesis was pretty simple when it was her own organs she was dealing with, but once she started to move the bullet through the skin, she would definitely need something to grab onto it with to pull it out.

She wasn't that talented. Yet.

When she saw the hovercraft heading towards her, she pulled herself up with the hilt of her gun and propped herself up, waiting patiently as it landed. Merlin came out briefly, but she waved him off and stepped up onto the ladder, climbing into the craft. Once she was in, she grabbed the first aid kit and pulled out some tweezers. Once she had something to pull the bullet out as it approached the skin, she laid down on the floor and took her helmet off, breathing very slowly. Her hand found the edges of the rip where the bullet had gone through and she ripped it open so she could find the hole in her skin.

Now the hard part came. Actually getting the bullet out would be a bit of a task, considering her audience. At this point, she was just glad she had some quiet to help her out with the concentration.

Octavia sighed softly as she laid there, slowly concentration on the bullet, and pushing it out. She felt it move through the tissues and towards the skin, slowly but surely making it's way to the top of the membranes. Once she knew it was close, she poked the tweezers inside, swallowing hard as the feeling of nausea washed over her, and hooked the bullet with the tweezers, ripping them out as she gasped for air. She hadn't noticed she had been holding her breath until now, but now that it was out of her lungs, the pain receded.

"Evidence bag." Octavia mumbled softly, waving the tweezers that held the bullet. "This bullet can tell us what kind of guns they're getting, which will lead us directly to who is supplying them." Octavia laid back down and pulled a small blanket from the first aid kit out to put over her stomach to hold in any more blood.

"Mission successful, Merlin. Take me home so I can go to bed."
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