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Player's Alias Nambs
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Nicknames Nico
Character Age 25
Class/Usergroup Outsider
Occupation Smuggler
Sexuality Bisexual
Marital Status Perpetual Bachelor
Mother Evaline Keane
Father Aetherton Keane
Siblings Andy Keane
Jude Keane
Bio Life on the outside was hard for everyone, but when you couldn't tell the difference between things that wanted to kill you and things you could eat, it was all the moreso. Truly, Nico probably shouldn't have made it past the age of 6, but was lucky enough to have older brothers to watch over him. The problem was that Nico was born colorblind, and so what to most would be very obviously poisonous bright red berries, were nearly indistinguishable from the edible yellow ones. Poisonous reptiles that could kill with one bite were mistaken for harmless ones that were only pretending and could be killed and eaten. Constant was the danger in this harsh environment, but somehow the little blonde boy always managed to weasel his way out of every tight spot, sometimes leaving a significant amount of skin behind.

His family lived in the small settlement on the banks of the river, shielded from the harsh sun by the shadow of the glistening city. His home was made of dirt and scraps and ingenuity, and there was little to keep out the heat in the summer or the biting cold in winter. Nico's childhood home was shared with rodents and bugs and every sort of vermin imaginable, as the distinction between indoors and outdoors was so often blurred. But it was oddly perfect for the rambunctious little boy who always wanted to seek the next adventure, the next ridge to climb.

He drove his poor mother to the point of exhaustion chasing after him and trying to keep him out of trouble, and she didn't always succeed. He was always getting hurt, the worst injury being a broken leg when he fell out of the tree behind their home. Though it healed well, he still limps a bit when the rains come. He was healthy by the standards of the people in his community, and though he was an exasperating child, he managed to make friends with almost everyone he met.

Nico still remembers the stories they used to tell about Jericho to the children. Stories about the riches, the abundance of food, the clean fresh water, the safety... It was painted as a sort of utopia, a place of impossible perfection that none of them would ever see. There were a few who insisted that they had been inside the walls, and seen that it was not all that it was rumored to be, but no one believed. The only ones who had ever been into the city and gotten out alive were the smugglers, who often lived alone in the tunnels.

It was these men and women, that Nico observed with awe each time they came to the settlement to sell their treasures, who inspired the small boy's wanderlust. To his mother's dismay, he became obsessed with exploration and discovery, straying farther and farther from home each day, until one night he wandered too far to come home.

His first night away from home was he hardest. He hadn't paid enough attention to his father's teaching, and couldn't get a fire started. If he hadn't found the abandoned coyote den, he might have frozen to death. That was precisely what his family thought had happened, and they were nearly beside themselves when he finally made it home the next day.

The experience did not have a desirable effect though. Rather than dampening his spirit, it only made him more determined. He wanted to get to the wall, he wanted to see the tunnels, and eventually, the city itself. No one could talk him out of it, so instead they did everything the could to prepare him. He was given food, extra clothing, and advice. Find the smugglers, they told him. See if they'll help you get in. Don't stay long. And for the love of God, boy, be careful.

It wasn't easy, but after a day and a half of hiking around the outer wall, dodging Jerichan soldiers all the way, he managed to find an opening that didn't seem to be guarded. He had to be careful, the stories said that these tunnels were like an endless maze, and the last thing he needed was to get lost and die of starvation. He tied a length of rope to a rock at the cave entrance and ventured in as far as he could, until the rope could pull no more, then he wulc backtrack and try a different route. Each attempt yielded the same result, dead ends, or dark, empty tunnels with no sign of smugglers.

It took many tries and finally a reckless abandonment of his lifeline to find them, but when he did, the smugglers welcomed him with open arms. They knew that it was not easy to find them, and his determination was admirable in their eyes. They kept him for several months, teaching him how to find his way in the caves, the secret passages into and out of the city. He soaked in all their knowledge like a sponge, eager for his first glimpse at the city.

Finally the day came when they brought him into Level F, just himself and a guide, since it was extremely dangerous to travel in a group. It was nothing like Nico expected. The darkness, neon lights in colors he could not see, the hovercraft, the noise, the people, everything was so foreign... it was like being on another planet.

That was the day that Nico truly became a smuggler, when the fire was lit under him. He wanted to explore this urban jungle, which was more dangerous for him than anything on the outside had ever been. He knew that there were riches here to plunder, if only he were willing to take the risks needed to find them. And if there is one thing Nico has always been good at, it's taking risks.

1.) HE IS COLORBLIND - He can see a little bit of blue or green, but for the most part, Nico's world is black and white. He has learned to live with this handicap pretty well, but sometimes can still get confused by it.
2.) HE KNOWS SIGN LANGUAGE - Lots of languages have survived the centuries, and one of them is American Sign Language. His uncle is deaf, and so he learned to sign alongside learning his verbal speech. He is fluent in both.
3.) HE CAN CLIMB PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING - Nico was a very rambunctious child. He never sat still, he always wanted to be up high, off the ground. He climbed trees, rock outcroppings, literally anything that he could, and reveled in finding the highest thing around and getting to the top of it.
4.) HE IS VERY SHORT AND HATES IT - At 5' 2", Nico is a tiny bit sensitive about his height. He knows there's no use denying that he is a Shorty McShortface, but if you mention it, he can and will kick your ass. His height only gives him more incentive to stay in shape, and he's not exactly unskilled with his fists.
5.) HE SMOKES LIKE A CHIMNEY - Cigarettes are one of the few things regularly smuggled out of Jericho, and tobacco (and various other smoke-able plants) are cultivated by many outsiders. Nico rolls his own smokes when he can't get his hands on the good stuff.
6.) HE SINGS AND LIKES TO DRUM ON THINGS WITH HIS FINGERS - His father was very musically inclined, and his mother (in an effort to get him to just sit still for 5 minutes, for the love of God) would plop him down in the kitchen with pots and things to bang on while his father sang along to Nico's haphazard tune. He never lost the love for making noise and often drums his fingers on things when he's impatient.
7.) HE CAN STEAL AND OPERATE HOVERCRAFT - Nico has been using the tunnels to sneak in and out of Jericho since he was a teenager, and during his forays around Level F he picked up a few tricks from the less savory locals who didn't care that he wasn't a citizen. He is very knowledgeable on the various kinds of hovercraft and exactly how to bypass their security system. He is also a fairly decent pilot.
Age 24
Timezone Eastern
Playby Bradley James
About Me My name is Amber, but I go by my childhood nickname on the internet. Anyone who has an account on the RPG-D (which I HIGHLY recommend you do! It's a great place to find sites, post wanted ads, get advice, and just generally discuss rp) may recognize me, since I hang out there a lot under the same name.

I'm currently an Illustration student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, temporarily unemployed and hoping to start up a freelance business within the next year. I have two cats and a dog, love to cook, and my favorite things are: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Shameless, cooking, eating, alcohol, animals, and DISNEY!!!

I love plotting, but am pretty horrible about responding in plotters. Even so, please feel free to hit mine up. I'm also available for pltting via PM and IM, so please feel free to contact me any time.
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