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CYNICAL - Raith is very cynical. He doesn't appreciate being lauded like some kind of God, put on the money, used as a face for the city, only to be hidden away in shame because at the end of the day, he is still a failed experiment.
MORALLY LOOSE - To him, human lives are fleeting and unimportant. He likes to play with them.
INDULGENT - Raith likes what he likes and a lot of it.
COMPULSIVE - He rarely makes plans, usually acting on a whim.
SUSPICIOUS - Raith trusts no one, as everyone he has ever known has let him down in some way.
RESTLESS - Easily bored, he likes to cause trouble.


TELEPATHY - The ability to sense the thoughts and emotions of others. Raith cannot read a mind like a book, but rather he feels the impressions of what people are thinking. He is able to minorly influence others, but mostly this ability affects his own mood, as he often unintentionally takes on the emotions of those around him. This has made him withdraw from close personal contacts.
TELEKINESIS - He is able to move objects with his mind, but only if they are in sight and weigh less than he is able to pick up with his physical strength. The heavier the object, the less precise his control. The more familiar he is with an object, the more precise his control.
PYROKINESIS - The ability to create and control fire. This is easily Raith's weakest power, and he mostly uses it for party tricks and to light his cigarettes or heat his tea.
TELEPORTATION - The ability to phase out of existence in one place, and back in in another. Studying this ability gave Jericho teleporters. Raith can only teleport within a range of about 5 miles, and the further away the teleport, the more difficult. He cannot carry passengers, and teleporting to an area he cannot see is dangerous. He has nearly died before by teleporting recklessly.
STRENGTH - Raith is considerably stronger than the average human being.
ENHANCED PHYSICALITY - Raith does not get sick, or age. He has a heightened metabolism, and heals faster than normal humans. He has some minor regenerative abilities, able to grow back fingers and toes, but not limbs.


MANIC - Showing wild and apparently deranged excitement and energy.
OCCASIONALLY VIOLENT - Sometimes provoked, sometimes not.
UNPREDICTABLE - Often Raith himself doesn't know what he's going to do next.
SUFFERS FROM OCCASIONAL HALLUCINATIONS - His triggers seem random, in nearly 300 years he hasn't figured out the pattern yet. He will have visions of terrible things happening to himself, or to James. These are not prophetic, merely a side effect of too much gene tampering.
ADD - Raith cannot focus on something that does not hold his interest, and he will not even try most of the time.
PARANOIA - Raith trusts no one, and is certain that everyone is just out to get something from him. He especially distrusts the Council.

HE IS BITTERLY LONELY - Raith leads a secluded life. He can't connect with regular citizens because he has nothing in common with them. The only person he can really talk to is James.
HE IS DAMAGED GOODS - From the moment of his conception, Raith has been poked and prodded and studied and criticized and ostracized. He has never felt normal, he has never been normal. He is merely a tool or a figurehead to everyone he meets. No one treats him like a person, instead they treat him like a thing, to be exploited. The scientists exploited him to save Jericho, the Council exploits him as a public figure and a legend, even James exploits him as a pretend friend.
HE FEELS LOST - He has no sense of purpose in his life. He was created for something, but labeled a failure. Now he just... exists.
HE WANTS THE WALLS TO FALL - Raith has no power in Jericho, but he has watched it from the beginning. He feels that the walls have served their purpose and need to be done away with. But no one will listen to a failure.
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A Harry Potter Mystery RPG Crusader Citadel
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