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Christopher Johnson

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Player's Alias Nambs!
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Nicknames Boss, Red
Character Age 42
Class/Usergroup Outsider
Occupation Rebel Leader
Sexuality Heterosexual
Marital Status Widower
Mother Mary Johnson
Father Aaron Johnson
Siblings 7 brothers
Bio All Chris' life, Jericho was a constant presence. It was always there, in the corner of his eye, looming on the horizon, watching them all as if to gloat. As a small boy, he'd been curious about the city, but it was an unattainable entity, worth as much attention as the moon or the depths of the river itself. He quickly learned to dismiss it, and before long he stopped noticing the gleaming towers at all. It was just another part of the landscape.

The oldest of seven brothers, he had other concerns anyway. His father died of a snake bite when he was ten, leaving he and his mother to care for the rest of the family. They managed for a while, but there was a drought, and Mary was not skilled in anything that could bring them a sizable income. She took to selling the only thing she had, her body, to feed them all.

To escape the reality of it, Chris spent most of his time in the wastes, hunting for food. He was intelligent and strong, but young and untrained. He devised snares and weapons and hunting tactics, with hit and miss results. Some days his bounty was plentiful, others he came home empty handed. Those were the worst days, having to look into the eyes of his starving brothers and tell them they would not eat that night.

It was around the time he turned 14 when things started to change. Life had been tense, and his mother wasn't handling it well, then her youngest died. Only 4 years old, and it was all Chris' fault. He'd mistaken some berries for their poisonous cousins, and when the family had eaten them, they had all grown terribly ill. The baby didn't make it.

Wracked with guilt, Chris pressed on, but their mother seemed to just… give up. After burying her son, she sat in their small home all day, staring blankly at the wall and refusing to speak with anyone. Chris tried to get her attention, to no avail. He was now left to care for the family by himself.

He became desperate then, and started dealing with the smugglers who came in and out of the city. It was through them that he learned just how abundant food within the walls really was, and he found himself appalled by the injustice of it. As he progressed into his teenage years, he started spending more and more time away from home, relying on the older brothers to care for the younger, and their mother. Each time he returned, he brought home what he could, but his worldview was changing.

The smugglers showed him the caves, the secret ways in and out of the city. At first, he only ventured into the fields, stealing food and quickly escaping. But as he saw more of Jericho and the way its people lived, a fire was lit. He grew more bold in his exploration, wandering deeper into the city than the smugglers dared to go. He found ways to climb buildings, secret entrances and shady underpasses that would lead to the levels above, even without an access chip.

He visited a public park on C for the first time at age 16, ignoring the people who stared suspiciously at his sun kissed skin. It was a brief trip, barely lasting 5 minutes. He was gone by the time the Level E patrolmen came to investigate, but it was too late anyway. The damage had been done and his ideas were sealed.

Jericho held so much wealth, safety, food, and power. Its citizens were healthy and, from what he could see, happy. It wasn't fair that they should have it all to themselves while so many suffered outside its walls. All of mankind deserved to live their lives in peace and security, and he would dedicate his life to tearing down the walls and bringing that security to his family.

He rushed home, eager to start planning a rebellion and recruiting like-minded people to his cause. When he arrived home, all thoughts of revolution were quickly expelled from his mind when he saw the bodies.

No one had heard or seen anything, in spite of the proximity between the Johnson home and their neighbors. Five small bodies lay draped across the bed they all shared, face down in pools of their own blood. On the table, a napkin overflowing with the same berries that had killed so long ago. Mother was nowhere to be seen.

It happened quickly, while he was examining the bodies, hands shaking and bile rising in his throat, his mother had grabbed him from behind, pressed the knife to his neck, and slit his throat in one quick motion. As he staggered back, choking on his own blood, he watched in horror as she carefully scooped up the berries, and ate them all in one gulp.

He knew then what had happened. Mary had emerged from whatever prison her mind had created and found herself in a horror. There was no food in the house, the children were hungry and crying, and her oldest was not around to save them. Knowing that she could do nothing for them, she had no means to feed them, she had seen only one way out. While they slept, she murdered each of her children in turn, and waited for the last. Once she had killed him, she took her own life, so not to have to live with what she'd done.

He survived, but only by luck. Mary was weakened by lack of food, and horror at what she had done. She could not cut deep enough to kill him. Chris, following strong survival instincts, had stumbled from the house to the neighbors', just before blacking out. It was their quick thinking that kept him from bleeding to death.

He wasn't conscious for the burial.

HE WEARS A RED SCARF - Mary's attempt on his life left Chris with a large scar across his throat. He wears a red scarf at all times to cover it up. It also serves a dual purpose, covering his mouth in the event of a sandstorm, and concealing his identity at times when he is within the city walls.
HE HAS A VERY RASPY VOICE - This is also a side effect of Mary's attack. His vocal chords developed small amounts of scar tissue that give his voice a very raspy quality.
REBEL LEADER - He is the leader of a small group whose goal is to destroy the walls of Jericho. He has contacts both inside and outside the city.
HE HAS A DAUGHTER INSIDE THE WALLS - His wife died in childbirth, and rather than see his precious baby girl starve to death like so many infants, he smuggled her into the city and left her on a park bench. Authorities assumed she was an illegal Level F baby and put her into the foster system. He has never met Rachel, but would desperately like to.
HE IS EXTREMELY DEDICATED - Chris feels that what he is doing is right, and would die for his cause in an instant.
Age 25
Timezone Eastern
Playby Noah Wyle
About Me My name is Amber, but I go by my childhood nickname on the internet. Anyone who has an account on the RPG-D (which I HIGHLY recommend you do! It's a great place to find sites, post wanted ads, get advice, and just generally discuss rp) may recognize me, since I hang out there a lot under the same name.

I'm currently an Illustration student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, temporarily unemployed and hoping to start up a freelance business within the next year. I have two cats and a dog, love to cook, and my favorite things are: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Shameless, cooking, eating, alcohol, animals, and DISNEY!!!

I love plotting, but am pretty horrible about responding in plotters. Even so, please feel free to hit mine up. I'm also available for pltting via PM and IM, so please feel free to contact me any time.
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