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CASE #267321
DATED: August 2nd, 309J

NAME: Tommy Lewis
MID: LEWT044232-X

Physical injuries did not interfere with session, despite a few severe ones. Medical staff assessed a full recovery should be expected within two weeks.

Subject shows no signs of mental trauma after the incident. Dismisses any attempt at an emotional connection—lists the events in a detached manner, without regards for his personal involvement. Shows little to no signs of empathy towards the death of his squad mates during the mission, although he acknowledges the loss of a few key operatives to be, and we quote, “unfortunate for Jericho”. Survivor’s guilt and PTSD both negative at this moment. Had a brief episode of self-awareness, never seen before in the subject—he is usually obedient and questions only on extremely rare occasions.

During the session, he inquired regarding the mission’s parameters on several occasions. Had to rebuke the inquiries by insisting the information was classified. Most notable spike of awareness was, and we quote, “Under which authority are we required to eliminate innocent human beings?”. Had to resort to the indoctrination protocol, as subject would not let the topic drop—reasoned thoroughly, once more, how much of a threat outsiders can be to Jericho and how they need to be dealt with as swiftly as possible if they are perceived as such. He mentioned that they looked inoffensive for the most part, but seems to accept the notion that these people had to be killed for the greater good. Still, showed doubts that the women and children he’d been ordered to terminate had been a necessity.

Subject responded positively when praised about his performance on the field, saying that he’d simply done what had been expected of him. No signs of pride or regret. Confused as to the purpose of the operation, as mentioned above— we recommend a few coaching sessions with an authorized specialist in order to get him back on tracks.

By these results, subject seems completely fine by Project X standards, but will need to be closely monitored in regards to worrying bouts of self-awareness.

Refer to mission file #12288351E for more details regarding the events that occurred on July 30th.


Joan Sinclair, Ph.D.
Extras 1) Mutant. As a child of Project X, Tommy has gained limited telekinesis as an innate ability. The extent of his telekinesis is about equal to his physical strength.

2) Marksman in the military. Tommy is renowned to never miss a single shot, no matter the conditions (bad weather, obstacles, etc). He has a very keen eye, but it is also due to his telekinesis, which allows him to deviate his shots however he sees fit.

3) Extremely intelligent and naturally healthy. His genes, like every other mutants, have been tinkered with by scientists so that he sits at the peak of human condition.

4) Interpersonal skills severely limited. This is mostly due to his upbringing; after years of indoctrination, he has lost touch with his own emotions. He is cold, logical, and ruthlessly efficient.

5) Seldom shows or feels empathy. His fellow mutants are the exception, since he sees them as his family. Dr. Erin Lewis, who'd been assigned to Project X and who'd been his caretaker while growing up, is the only other person he has an emotional connection with. She'd made sure to threat him as humanly and lovingly as possible, foregoing the indoctrination protocol for several years in the process, but creating a sleeping bud of humanity in many mutants. As a traitor, she has long been dealt with, but nobody except high ranking officials have information on her whereabouts.

6) Recently begun reconnecting with his human nature. Mutants having joined the military not too long ago, he since then had the opportunity to discover life and its intricacies while finally inserted into society. Social interactions have made him open up ever so slightly, and he's starting to question everything around him, especially Jericho. His newfound self-awareness confuses and scares him.

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Playby Matt Dallas
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