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Alexis Parsons

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Nicknames Lexi
Character Age 34
Class/Usergroup Class B
Occupation Lawyer
Sexuality Heterosexual
Marital Status Single
Mother Elizabeth Reid-Parsons
(Class C)
Father Joseph Parsons
(Class B)
Siblings None
Bio Alexis has always been a very hard working and determined woman. The luck of her genetics as well as her natural talent to absorb information has helped to earn her her current position. Alexis was always a very outspoken and educated young woman. Her ability to debate and use he her words to sway and manipulate is what drew her to her current profession.While she isn't quiet the best of the best she is steadily climbing to the top and being recognized for her work in law. Alexis can be very stubborn and prideful. When it comes to an idea that she believes in she sticks to her guns. Often she can come off as cold and emotionless to others but that is far beyond who she really is.

The truth is that Alexis wears a mask. This mask is what allows her to go about her day but there is a much softer side to her that she locks away out of fear that her emotions could potentially ruin her current streak with success. Alexis does her best to suppress her emotions so that they don't stand in the way. In place of her them she carries herself with a very business and professional manner. When her own inner thoughts and emotions get too much for her to bear she hits the bottle in the piracy of her home but she never allows these habits to interfere with the work in which she is very dedicated to.
Extras Though glasses are not needed, she uses reading glasses when it comes to doing her case work. Her style and and mannerisms are very professional. Alexis is highly intelligent and knows how to manipulate people in order to get what she wants. Normally this deals with her cases. When it comes to socializing with others she can be somewhat cold and stand offish. Alexis presents herself as very guarded and doesn't often trust those around her.

Alexis believes that dwelling on things and thinking too much is what gets her on trouble so this is why she chooses to burry herself in her work. To the rest of those that know her she is seen as a success so she tries her very best to uphold that status. When it comes to losing, Alexis doesn't handle this well. She can have quiet a temper and be rather fiery. With her intelligence and anger she can also come off very witty.
Age 25
Timezone Central
Playby Rose Byrne
About Me I'm a forever students and been roleplaying since 2009. I been on both Jcink and Proboards servers but this is my first time on a Sci-fi rp.
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