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Noah Kardiff

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Bio Born to Samuel Kardiff and Marie Harnois, both board members of the Jerichan Catholic Church, Noah was raised under strict religious beliefs. His childhood was a sinuous path he’d grown to hate, but managed to accept over the years. As much as he’d disliked their care, he was well aware it was what had forged him as a person. He wouldn’t change a thing, given the chance.

He was a turbulent and noisy child, who liked to climb places he shouldn’t and pull stunts in a “parkour” kind of way. He always got in trouble and more often than not snuck out below, to the other levels, in order to explore the city. He kept making friends with “underlings”, his parents called them. He liked playing with other kids, and the A children were so well-behaved and boring that he couldn’t help but wander off to B, C, D, and even F. His parents, being extremely strict, constantly punished him for it; that, but also for all his other misdemeanors. His father hit him, once, with one swift strike right across the face. He’d been a teen, then, but he’d remember the blow right until his dying breath. Samuel had found him and a girl having sex in his bedroom and had went instantly berserk, going as far as insulting the girl with slanders as she cried her way out of the house. It was one of the most humiliating moments of his life.

The smack had been quick and unexpected, sending Noah tumbling on the ground. Samuel had never apologized. Noah hated how hypocritical his father was, and this had only fueled his disdain even more. No sex before marriage? Please.

His father had an affair, and he knew his mother knew about it but didn’t say anything. She had heavy drinking problems, too. They constantly spoke ill of people, they had narrowed perceptions of Jerichan issues, and they barely even loved him anymore, even less each other. He wasn’t the perfect child they’d wanted, and they certainly weren’t the parents he’d hoped for. It hurt to know how them being harsh and distant all these years was merely because they’d thought he was more trouble than he was worth. The funny thing was, it only made him want to stir up even more shit, which he ultimately did. It drove them up the walls to no extent, but Samuel never dared raising a hand against him another time. Noah wasn't sure he wouldn't have fought back, if he was being honest. He was certain his father was painfully aware of that fact.

As odd as it may have seemed, religion had helped him get through difficult times. No matter how hard or cold his parents had been with him, he always appreciated the fact that they brought him to the church whenever they could; his father was an awful man, but his services as a bishop were extraordinary. The holy psalms were beautiful; they were infused with purity and kindness and, despite his brashness, Noah found them to be a guideline to his life. He had faith in good, and he had faith that something greater was out there to watch over them all. It was only when praying that he found peace and calm—he embraced that. He was impulsive and loud and cheeky, but God paid no heed to it. His teachings shaped Noah’s beliefs of right and wrong, and while he stayed as mischievous as ever, he always made a point to live by its doctrine. It was a good one, despite a few hips and bumps, and there was a lot to learn from it.

Over the years, he found that he didn’t like the injustice he saw all around him, whether it concerned his family situation, Jerichans from other levels, or even outsiders. Catholicism had taught him better than to ignore the misery and despair some people had to deal with on a daily basis. He eventually broke out in Jericho’s showbiz as a very talented stuntman, but he had his eyes set on another endgame: the council. He wasn’t of age to apply yet, but the years were ticking by, and it was only a matter of time before he’d be allowed to pass the tests. If he managed to get a chair, he’d make sure to shake Jericho just the right amount, maybe put wax in its shampoo, that kind of thing. He'd show them he was more than a brash, reckless kid.

He's a caustic, troublemaking asshat, but he has a heart of gold.

- Reckless. He has no sense of self-preservation, ever since he's been a little kid. He has no trouble getting in harm's way and loves playing daredevil. In fact, he gets an incredible, addictive rush out of dangerous situations and, even, defying death.

- Boisterous. There is no way to ignore his presence when he enters a room. He talks loudly, is very tactile, and will make sure to grab your attention by any means necessary if he desires so.

- Mischievous/Prankster. He loves getting in trouble by playing tricks on people, as he finds it to be a good source of laughter and complicity between two individuals. Some people claim he's an evil mastermind; he does not refute it. He's a jackass and has embraced that fact a long time ago.

- Sarcastic and witty. He seldom takes anything seriously and goes about throwing jokes without much care for anything. Getting a straight answer out of him is difficult, and he has no trouble being an annoying smartass if the opportunity arises. Bantering is thus one of his favorite manners of conversation.

- Kindhearted. While he is an eternal silver-tongued mischief-maker, he keeps the people he loves close to him and showers them with his own twisted version of affection. He rarely shows his vulnerable, tender side, which only a select few ever witness.


- Spends most of his nights partying all over the place. He loves the luxurious, elite soirées, but he also appreciates going down all the way to F and get shitfaced on cheap booze.

- Is an early bird. He's always awake at 7 AM sharp to go and eat brunch.

- Hits the gym several times a week in order to keep his perfect shape. He takes a run around A, B or C almost every morning and often practices parkour.

- Goes to the church every sunday mornings for his father's service. As strained as their relationship is, he feels like service is the one good thing the man ever does.

- Masters 3 forms of hand to hand combat; Aikido, Muay Thai, and Judo.

- Speaks French and Italian fluently. His mother taught him at an early age, as both her parents did her.

- Surprisingly resilient to injury. Geneticists are intrigued and want to study his DNA for this curious natural mutation. He's recently been approached about it, but he hesitates about involving himself with genetic experiments.
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A Harry Potter Mystery RPG Crusader Citadel
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