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Alexander Parish

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Nicknames Alex
Character Age 45
Class/Usergroup Class A
Occupation Geneticist/Councilman
Sexuality Heterosexual
Marital Status Single
Mother Daisy Brown (Class B)
Father Bertrand Parish (Class A)
Siblings Owen Parish (Class A)
Bio Official Records
Full Name: Alexander Maxwell Parish
DOB: April 23
Height: 6'2”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Base Ethnicity: European
IQ: 161
Meyers-Briggs Type: INTJ
Temperament: Phlegmatic

Academic Talents: Mr. Parish excelled early in math and sciences, though did well in most subjects he participated in. He followed directions but also seemed to enjoy exploring things off-topic when given the chance. He had a much higher reading level than most of his peers and asked and answered more questions in his class than most people. He constantly had some of the highest marks in class and was eager to help those that were struggling.

Personality: Alexander is a polite, considerate person who is respectful of those around him but tends to be on the quiet side. Many find this due to him thinking himself better than them or because he is cold and standoffish, but it is evident that while he might be a bit shy, he is simply serious and focused. He is a studious, hard-working person who tends to prefer to keep to himself.

Talents: Sciences, piano-playing, reading, writing, mathematics

Suggested Occupation: Alexander has since he was seven wanted to be a scientist and in his later schooling shown a particular interest in human (and animal as well as plant) genetics and will be placed as an intern in one of the city's finest genetics lab

Mental and Physical Health: As of his last exam, Alexander has been found to be in excellent physical health. He has taken his doctor's advice and kept in shape. There is slight concern about him forgetting to eat at times but until it adversely affects him, nothing is to be done about it. All his blood-work has come back clean and he is up-to-date on all recommended and required immunizations.

Mentally, the only concern is his insomnia, which seems to have no discernible cause. So far, it seems to have no real detrimental effects on his overall health or work. But beyond that, and his slight timidity, Alexander is in perfect mental health.

Family and Professional History: Alexander Parish was born to Bertrand Parish and a surrogate mother, whom all he knows is named Daisy Brown and is Level B. His father wanted someone to be a younger version of himself but seemed to be a bit disappointed when his son shared more of his mother's traits than his. This caused Bertrand to two years later try again, this time achieving what he wanted in his second-born son named Owen. He went on to start ignoring his eldest son, which caused him to retreat into a shell.

It took him graduating at the age 17 at the top of his class to get his father to notice him, though more on how to use his oldest son's talents to his advantage rather than any sense of pride for his son. After graduation, Alexander started working at the city's most prestigious genetics lab, quickly rising to be one of their star geneticists. By the time he was 30, he was the head of research and at the age of 40, he became a member of the City Council, both positions he has held since.
Extras Ten Facts about Alexander Parish:
1) He is something of a Renaissance Man: He is a talented scientist, specializing in genetics but knowledgeable in most areas of science. He can speak numerous languages with decent fluency and is well-read in matters of philosophy, history, and literature. He also has considerable talent at playing the piano.
2) He loves to tinker: Whether it is with a strand of DNA or with electronics, Alex tends to have various projects going on both at home and at work involving taking something and changing it, whether to improve it or simply to see how changing one thing effects the whole.
3) He enjoys physical activity: Although Alex is very intelligent, he has a surprising amount of muscle and actually enjoys working out. He particularly enjoys running and runs each day before work.
4) He is a genius: He has an IQ of 161 and speaks like he is that smart. He does tend to forget that a lot of people aren't quite that smart and might not know what he's talking about.
5) He actually breeds ferrets: As part of his love of genetics and tinkering, he has been working on breeding the perfect pet in the form of ferrets. Luckily, he can generally find people that want them as pets so his home isn't over-run by them.
6) He hates his father and finds his brother dull and annoying: His relationship with his father is extremely strained and he avoids him as much as possible, blaming him for holding him back and favoring Owen more than his oldest, and brightest, child. He finds his brother rather dull (since he has less of an IQ than him) and annoying. Owen plays the 'favorite child' card too often and does little to better himself and instead leeches off of his father and brother's successes.
7) He is ambidextrous but mostly uses his right hand: This is a talent that he has had since a very young age and has developed it over the years. But he generally prefers to use his right-hand whenever possible.
8) He fidgets constantly, except when he's working on something. Then he tends to be really still: Alex rarely could keep still as a child and even now it takes considerable will-power to stay still. Of course, when he is concentrating on something important, he stays almost deathly still except for using whatever muscles are needed for whatever he is doing.
9) He is somewhat obsessed with coffee: Partly because he would not really function without it and partly because he truly enjoys the taste but Alex is slightly obsessed with coffee. He is also a bit of a coffee snob.
10) He hates to be interrupted: Especially true when he is working but he gets very annoyed when someone interrupts him, especially if it is for a trivial reason.
Age 27
Timezone CST
Playby Marton Csokas
About Me No Information
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Member Group Level A
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Thinking Out Loud


A Harry Potter Mystery RPG Crusader Citadel
The Kill Factor Legends - An Original Shifter RP