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 Canon List
 Posted: Aug 8 2014, 01:19 PM
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.
There are currently nine Council seats available.
by Nambs

James Bishop II
Johnny Depp

  • 198 years old
  • Only clone of Raith ever created
  • Does not share Raith's special abilities
  • Does share Raith's extended lifespan and enhanced physicality
  • Oldest living Council member
  • Has been bombarded with requests to continue Project RAITH using his DNA from his first day on the Council, has refused every time.
  • Feels that man was never meant tone immortal, and refuses to allow himself to be cloned so that no one can attempt to replicate his longevity
  • Sarcastic
  • Quiet
  • Lonely

Ophelia Martin
Gina Torres

  • Approx 35-45 years old
  • Commissioned by the city from Level B and C donors, never met biological parents
  • Lesbian
  • Married
  • No children
  • Supporter of Project X - has been instrumental in keeping the project from being detected by Raith or Councilman Bishop
  • Expansionist - believes that Jericho should tear down the walls and expand outwards. Proposes a huge project to found a sister city in another inhabitable area to the North.
  • Passionate
  • Optimistic
  • Devious

Preston Marx
Omar Sharif

  • Approx 70-80 years old
  • Married - Hestia Marx (Level B socialite)
  • Father to Aetherton, a fellow Council Member
  • Fatherly affection for his son extends only as far as his usefulness
  • Obsessed with immortality
  • Councilman Bishop's most vocal opponent, he has been petitioning for the reinstatement of Project RAITH for more than 50 years
  • Realizing that he would never live to see his goal he commissioned a son, using his and his wife's DNA, to carry on his mission
  • Tenacious
  • Controlled
  • Suave

Dr. Seung Moon
Gong Li

  • 36 years old
  • Last born in a set of triplets, she has 2 brothers
  • Has always felt overshadowed by her brothers
  • Worked so hard to become a Council Member just to feel more valued than them
  • Has become one of the most prominent Councilwomen, Heading up the Genetic Affairs Department. She is the final authority on matters of genetic standards within Jericho
  • Has a PhD in Genetics and Microbiology
  • Determined
  • Ambitious
  • Kindhearted

Aetherton Marx
Kunal Kapoor

  • Approx 30-35
  • Son of Preston and Hestia Marx
  • Mother never wanted children, was not affectionate to him when he was growing up
  • Seeks his father's approval, but has never really felt loved by Preston
  • Publicly supports Preston's cause, but privately disagrees with him and supports his opponents
  • May be mildly OCD
  • Sincere
  • Conflicted
  • Charming

Minerva Van Hanraets
Bythe Danner

  • Approx 60-70
  • Head of Jericho's Defense Department
  • Viciously classist
  • Holds a strong belief that genetic modifications should be required for all citizens to make them stronger
  • Would love to wipe out all outsiders and rebels
  • The founder of Project X
  • Merciless
  • Stubborn
  • Dry wit
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 Posted: Aug 8 2014, 10:15 PM
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Caslyn Akrin
Gabrielle Kneiry

  • Approx 23-26
  • Supermodel
  • Has own fashion line
  • Appeared in several films but is a terrible actor
  • Political activist, supports lower class rights and is very vocal about it
  • Is having secret affair with someone
  • Spoiled
  • Opinionated
  • Partygoer
by Trix

Apollo Kingston
Jensen Ackles

  • Approx 28-34
  • Unemployed/Socialite
  • Bored by the Elite lifestyle
  • Has always preferred the grittier life lived on the lower levels
  • Has an addictive personality
  • Vices include gambling and alcohol
  • Spends more time on Level F than he really should
  • Has beat up more than one paparazzi for following him
  • Kept out of trouble by friends on Level A, but is toeing the line. May end up the first Elite to ever be declassed.
  • Charming
  • Rough around the edges
  • Scrapper

Myfanwy Wyer
Melissa Raunch

  • Approx 24-28
  • Unemployed/Socialite
  • Married to Council member who is significantly older
  • Biological father was a Level B. They met briefly at a party when she was 16 and he tried to seduce her, not knowing she was his daughter. This has caused her significant emotional scarring
  • Has trouble developing intimate relationships with men
  • Has sway in the Council by manipulating her spouse
  • Devious
  • Detached
  • Power-hungry
by Silver

Noah Kardiff
Chase Crawford

  • Approx 28-34
  • Movie stuntman
  • Master of 3 forms of hand to hand combat
  • Speaks French and Italian fluently
  • Surprisingly resilient to injury, geneticists are intrigued and want to study his DNA for this curious natural mutation.
  • Reckless
  • Boisterous
  • Mischievous/Prankster

Miora/Mioras Carter
Erika Linder

  • Approx 29-33
  • Genderfluid musician
  • Switches between female persona Moira (pronounced Moy-ra) and male persona Moiras (pronounced My-ras) seamlessly
  • Uses both male and female pronouns in equal measure
  • Musical savant, plays 6 instruments
  • Vocally gifted
  • Contemplative
  • Sassy
  • Impulsive

Gi Moon
Godfrey Gau

  • 36 years old
  • Extremely famous male model/actor
  • Middle sibling of rare Elite triplets. Has one brother and one sister
  • Younger sister is a Councilwoman, older brother is an extremely famous actor
  • Has always been close to Seung, even though she felt isolated by all the attention her brothers received
  • Became estranged from siblings, has not spoken to either in years, though he wants to get in contact
  • Easygoing
  • Seductive
  • Well mannered
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 Posted: Aug 8 2014, 10:17 PM
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Fynn Attaway
Gary Oldman

  • 50-60
  • Born to two Level F parents
  • Diagnosed with ADD at a young age
  • Worked tirelessly to overcome his disability and became the best student in his class
  • Known to be highly organized in order to keep himself on task
  • His day-planner is practically glued to his hand, he can't function without it
  • Must write everything down, or he will forget
  • Friendly
  • Hardworking
  • Slightly absentminded

Gretchen Sharp
Aisha Hinds

  • 45-50
  • Working directly with Phineas Magellan to provide the rebels with weapons, armor, and intel
  • Keeps Magellan's missing shipments a secret from the Council by diverting attention and forging paperwork
  • Has a brother who escaped the city via the tunnels
  • Unafraid of the consequences if she is caught in the act of treason
  • Proud
  • Tough
  • Efficient

Augustus Darrow
Adrian Brody

  • 34-39
  • Spouse of a Council member
  • Does not try to influence said Council member in their favor
  • Believes in the effectiveness of the House and the Council with every fibre of his being
  • Volunteers in soup kitchens on Level F on weekends
  • Well known for giving large sums of his income to charity
  • He and his spouse live very modestly

Kadie Adams
Yunjin Kim

  • 37-42
  • Expansionist, strong supporter of Councilwoman Van Hanraets
  • Obsessed with looking younger than she really is
  • Has a softer view on how to deal with outsiders than Minerva, wants to relocate them instead of eliminating them
  • Does not care about public opinion of her, and consequently is known to support unpopular legislation fiercely
  • Does have the city's best interests at heart, is not a bad person
  • Vain
  • Ruthless
  • High Maintenance

Dr. Zareen Attar
Faran Tahir

  • 38-45
  • Speaks fluent French
  • Has a doctorate in Genetic Engineering and Biochemistry
  • Was assigned to Project X straight out of school due to his exceptional brilliance in genetic engineering
  • Is now in charge of the program
  • Has been able to keep the project quiet with Councilwoman Martin's help
  • Donated his own DNA to a batch of mutants, consequently has a 12 year old son with the ability to make himself unseen to his enemies using telepathy

Helena Fleece
Alaina Huffman

  • 28-30
  • Biological child of a very famous Level A actress
  • Has become estranged from her mother
  • Is often not taken seriously
  • People think she only made it to Level B because of her mother's influence
  • Works tirelessly to prove herself
  • Proud
  • Defiant
  • Angry
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 Posted: Aug 8 2014, 10:22 PM
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Phineas Magellan
Idris Elba

  • 40-45
  • Military General - Promoted from Level E after working his way up through the ranks
  • Has a startlingly gentle and calm demeanor, but is an extremely effective leader who commands great respect from his troops
  • Fiercely loyal to the well being of Jericho, though his opinions on what is best for the city differ greatly from the Council's
  • Is providing weapons, intel, and supplies to the Rebels
  • Currently working on providing them with hover planes
  • Intelligent
  • Discreet
  • Commanding
by Shadow

Belladona Raptis
Lily Collins

  • 22-26
  • Intern/Secretary for Councilman Bishop
  • Performs day to day tasks (making coffee, picking up dry cleaning, answering calls, running errands, managing his schedule, etc) for the Councilman
  • Wants to be a Lady one day, and hopes that she can earn James' support
  • Terrified of Raith
  • Overbearing
  • Enthusiastic
  • Ambitious

Lucius Reeve
Mark Sheppard

  • 35-40
  • Powerful lawyer
  • Very good at his job, has never lost a case
  • Likes to take high profile or very difficult cases
  • Ferocious activist for lower class rights
  • Is known to work for free for underprivileged clients
  • Slick
  • Sassy
  • Devious

Atina Thorpe
Colbie Smulders

  • 34-36
  • Spy/Assassin
  • Was originally classed as E but was promoted because she showed special talents for deception and undercover work
  • Fiercely Pro-Jerichan, almost fanatical
  • Posing as a B socialite, she looks for signs of treason or betrayal and reports directly to the Council
  • Sometimes tasked with eliminating high-level threats to the regime and making it look like an accent
  • Has an identical twin named Alona on Level E
  • Atina and Alona were very close as children, but have become estranged due to differing world views

Cygnus Brahe
Donald Sutherland

  • 50-60
  • Judge
  • Involved in several shady deals and under-the-table bribes
  • Known to throw the book at lower class criminals
  • Has the highest rate of expulsion from the city of any judge
  • Most criminals are terrified to have their trials presided over by him
  • Is good friends with a Councilman/woman who shields him from the consequences of his actions
by Dagger

Suki Ito
Moon Chae-won (picture to be changed)

  • 30-35
  • Chairwoman on the Board of Education
  • Masters degrees in Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Loves children, but is very intimidating to them
  • Has a very severe attitude
  • Unable to have children of her own due to an emergency hysterectomy she had to have in her 20's, but has donated genetic material
  • So far no foster children have been created with her DNA but she hopes that it will happen soon so that she can visit her child











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 Posted: Aug 8 2014, 10:25 PM
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Zachariah Winston
Aaron Tveit

  • Approx. 20-30
  • Stuntman for movie stars
  • Specializes in weapons and combat
  • Is actually also an expert in both fields, and can quite literally fight as well as act-fight
  • Lives with his parents after coming back from foster care; has a good relationship with them
  • Loves his job; has a real passion for training for movies, and in general
  • Teaches combat classes one-on-one with people who want to learn to defend themselves
  • Has no qualms with the people he works with, generally keeping himself calm, cool and collected. Can come off a little robotic when someone is clearly angry with him and he's aloof about it

Celine Gallagher
Dianna Agron

  • Approx. 18-23
  • Medical student
  • Interning at New Hope Hospital
  • Aspiring hematologist (working with blood)
  • Enjoys partying as much as the next university student
  • Really hates hand-on-exams; has a bit of performance anxiety
  • Wants to cure the world one blood sample at a time; a bit of a higher-than-thou complex
  • Sweet when she needs to be; just acts accordingly to her surroundings and who she's with

Mercury Jenkins
Aidan Turner

  • Approx. 47-50
  • Geneticist
  • Works for Project X
  • Directly linked to the creation of mutants Archer, Thomas, and Octavia
  • Related to Cosmo Jenkins (1st cousin)
  • Often takes the mutants on excursions to help them feel a little less strange, and a little more human (bars, dancing, special events)
  • Tries to be more of a father than a scientist, but keeps it to a professional level
  • Handles Archer, Thomas and Octavia either through other scientists or directly himself

Ceridwyn Maddox
Angel Coulby

  • Approx. 18-22
  • Student at Jericho University
  • Majors in physics and particle theory
  • Secretly loathes school, but goes because her parents forced her
  • Chose her own classes, since her family wanted her to be a doctor; basically flipped them the bird
  • Disowned and pays her own tuition and living costs
  • Works part-time as a server to supplement income
  • Tries not to fall behind in class; makes at least a B+ in all her subjects

Jeremiah Smith
Jared Leto

  • Approx. 40-45
  • Married
  • Two biological children, both living on B
  • Professor of English Literature at Jericho University
  • Enjoys grading paper
  • Smokes, occasionally when the mood strikes him
  • Very non-addictive personality; aloof and very stoic about things. Never drinks in excessive amounts, can stop and start smoking at will
  • Friendly demeanor, but generally detached from anyone or anything

Athena Parson
Anna Kendrick

  • Approx. 26-29
  • Journalist for a local Level C paper
  • Ambitious
  • Pushes far too many of her boundaries
  • Nearly always in trouble with her publisher for submitting things that suggest new lifestyle ways, etc
  • Secretly publishes her own underground paper explaining the situation with life on the lower levels
  • Trouble maker
  • Excitable about any type of story, dirty news or not
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Vega Kiss
Golshifteh Farahani

  • Approx. 21-25
  • Absolutely hates children, has no patience
  • Struggling to be a model
  • Has a hot-temper, and spoiled attitude
  • Very easy to anger when she doesn't get what she wants
  • Tries too hard to be a superstar
  • Comes off as fake to people who haven't been around her from the start
  • At risk of demotion to Level F due to her behaviour and lack of skill sets

Cosmo Jenkins
Misha Collins

  • Approx. 43
  • Donor to the Project X labs due to superior genes
  • Has genes passed down from generations that help him look young
  • Was scouted from a very early age (18) to be a donor for the project
  • Retired to D after his classification, and lives with another family helping raise foster kids
  • Related to a scientist who worked on the project
  • Has actually had the chance to see his child, but not the chance to interact with them
  • Would love to have a fatherly relationship with his biological children; but knows that it's near impossible without giving away the project's integrity

Portia Lewis
Janelle Monae

  • Approx. 25-30
  • No children
  • Married once and divorced from domestic abuse
  • Struggling actress
  • Has mostly only done dramatic plays and scene readings
  • Longs to be in a big motion picture one day
  • Has a very long wick; won't get mad very easily. Coming from 3 years in an abusive marriage, she tends to keep her patience and try to please everyone
  • Comes from a family of perfomers

Leo Cantor
Josh Duhamel

  • Approx. 28-30
  • Has one biological daughter
  • Single Father
  • Widowed
  • Supporter of the rebels
  • Works as a tax accountant for low-income families struggling to stay afloat
  • A bit of a work-a-holic; rarely gets home to spend time with his daughter, as much as he'd like to
  • Kind-hearted

Luna Meier
Alyson Hannigan

  • Approx. 30-35
  • Has two biological children, both boys
  • Unmarried
  • Secretary at a small business office that handles adoption and fostering procedures
  • Has had many different aspirations, but eventually settled into her known career as office personnel
  • Outgoing
  • Nurturing
  • Loves meeting new people, but tends to shy away from big events; loves to keep it casual when meeting up with new friends

Icarus Jones
Zachary Quinto

  • Approx. 35-37
  • Chef at a nice French restaurant on Level D
  • Married for 12 years
  • 2 biological children as well as 1 foster child live with him
  • Has had a passion for taste and cooking since he was young
  • Really has no time for incompetent people in his kitchen, let alone his life
  • Very realistic and to-the-point; no-nonsense kind of fellow
  • Loves to spend his down-time creating new recipes and testing them on his children and wife
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Juno Price
Rachel Miner

  • Approx. 24-28
  • Pilot for the Jerichan military
  • Disobeys orders frequently
  • Hates being in the military, but is damn good at her job
  • Currently scheduled for a hearing due to disrespecting military orders in the field
  • Constantly getting people in and out of trouble
  • Has trouble focusing on tasks at hand
  • Has killed more outsiders in the line of duty than anyone on her field team

Jaffe Roth
Sebastian Stan

  • Approx. 26-28
  • Patrolman
  • Works in the tunnels and fencers fields
  • Severely violent towards fencers
  • Generally puts up an air of distrust when around the fencers, lets them know who the boss is
  • Has, and will in the future, beaten fencers to death for something as little as asking for more food
  • Bends the truth when altercations happen between fencers and himself
  • Compulsive liar

Alona Thorpe
Colbie Smulders

  • 34-36
  • Rebel Operative
  • Has a twin sister on Level B
  • Atina and Alona started out in the military together and were very close as siblings, but drifted when it became clear they had very different world views
  • Regularly gives Chris the patrol schedules, allowing his team to get in and out of the city with greater ease
  • Idealistic
  • Strong
  • Cunning

Atlas Bright
Chris Hemsworth

  • 28-32
  • Project X subject - mutant
  • Fast reflexes - Can run faster than average human and has quicker response times to physical danger
  • Strength - Slightly stronger than average human
  • Resistance to damage - specifically, resistance to muscle tears from his feats of strength and speed
  • Subject can still be harmed like a normal human being, but his reflexes help keep him out of harm's way
  • One of the more rebellious mutants in the program, he was subject to constant disciplinary actions in childhood

Cassiopeia Lark
Kristen Bell

  • 26-29
  • Project X subject - mutant
  • Telepath - can sense the thoughts and feelings of others
  • Ability to manipulate others - subject has the power of suggestion, and the ability to make others forget things
  • Dream implantation - Ability to control the sleeping mind
  • Subject is best at enemy infiltration, and has been taught several pain management techniques to withstand torture
  • Is often sent into the field with the intention of getting captured and decimating the enemy camp from the inside while simultaneously gathering intel

Hunter Greene
Anthony Mackie

  • Approx. 28-32
  • Scouted young and impressionable by the Nexus to inform them of military operations in known refugee areas
  • Orphaned at age 6
  • Father died in outsider skirmish, mother died from cancer
  • Expressed explicit desire to be in the military after being told people could make it worth his while
  • Marksman/Sniper
  • Engaged to be married
  • Sterile from an infection (unable to have children)
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Drago Lambert
Charlie Hunnam

  • 29-35
  • Crime Boss
  • Leader of a gang known as the Hellraisers
  • Raised by fosters, but was a troubled child
  • Transferred to a correctional facility after several violent crimes in his early 20's
  • Is currently on a watch-list, if he is arrested again he will be expelled from the city
  • Likes to make other people do his dirty work, but is perfectly capable of getting his hands dirty if the need arises

Iona Logan
Rooney Mara

  • 30-35
  • Currently working in the hydro-power plant being fed by the river
  • Has access to many tunnels and passageways beneath the city
  • Regularly works with the valves and pipes that provide power and water to the city
  • Beginning to question the city's purpose and goals
  • Chris is targeting her as a potential ally, but he still needs to be convinced
  • Tough
  • Crude
  • Cynical

Riordan Nox
Lenny Kravitz

  • 36-42
  • Rebel Informer/Helper
  • Provides a safe house to Chris and his team when they are inside the city
  • Works for the city in a hazardous field, possibly nuclear power or biochemical processing
  • His brother died on a military operation
  • Has recently been diagnosed with cancer, doctors had said it could be a direct result of his job
  • He hates the government, blames them for his illness and brother's death

Europa Blue
Nikki Soohoo

  • 25-29
  • Nexus Implant
  • Formerly a Fencer
  • Has not had any contact with her family since entering the city
  • Misses the sun and the freedom of the outside
  • Lives in constant fear that her forged papers will be discovered and she will be ejected from the city
  • Tries to keep a low profile, but is still confused by certain aspects of life as a Jerichan

Orion Rosewood
Jared Padalecki

  • 26-27
  • Younger half-brother to Apollo Kingston
  • Has never met his brother
  • Knows about his parentage
  • Worker in a biochemical processing plant
  • Likes to gamble
  • Thoughtful
  • Intelligent
  • Somewhat brooding

Persephone Sheine
Jessica Stam

  • 20-24
  • Paramour in the Red Light District
  • Services both male and female clients, but may not necessarily be bisexual
  • Grew up on B, visits clients on upper levels too
  • Knows how to defend herself from rough clients
  • Tough
  • Unashamed
  • Enjoys her job
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Awards: 3

the city of jericho

Learn more about the Nexus group Here. All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are very, very negotiable. Please contact Drea or an administrator with questions.
by Drea

Reina Vargas
Naya Rivera

  • The Nexus Leader
  • Bee

Adrian Grenier

  • Level F
  • 20s
  • "Maverick"
A slightly deranged grease monkey, Reina only reason Maverick is in. He stole her heart, broke it, and then threatened to reveal all if she didn’t give him a job. He does not do much and often causes trouble when trying to help. He has his heart set on a lady on Level C for some time and wants her to marry him. He may suffer from chronic headaches and/or is a bit delusional. He is also a part-time magician.

Duties: Looking for potential Nexus recruits, marrying that C person so that he can move up in citizenship, tinkering with gadgets

Antonia Thomas

  • Fencer
  • 18-24ish
  • "Mouse"
She’s a cheeky, fowl-mouthed Rugrat who doesn’t let being a non-citizen get in the way. An expert at pickpocketing, she steals the hearts and money of the sympathetic citizens who dare visit Level F and beyond. Yes, you heard it—she is one of the very few who had mastered a way into the lowest level, but that is the only level she can get to because of its overpopulated darkness and corruption. She has a younger brother who requires medical treatment, and getting someone permanent citizenship is a lot harder than sneaking in for a few hours. So after she heard what Nexus aimed for, she begged Reina to let her in on it in exchange for eventually helping her brother become a citizen.

Duties: Helping Outsiders get past the fence (not easy and risky, remember IC consequences!), getting supplies and materials

Zac Efron

  • Fencer
  • 20-26ish
  • "Jaws"
Jaws was one of Nexus’ first successful missions that took place two years ago. A former Outsider, he barely made it in alive and had gotten his leg amputated in the process. He now walks with a limp and a powered-prosthetic leg that is often covered by his pants. He had spent the past few months hiding from the Jericho authorities until finally establishing his identity as a Level F citizen. Bright, motivated, and a smooth talker, he is the ideal subject for proving that bringing Outsiders in was a worthy cause. His current goal is to somehow, illegally end up in a higher level so that Nexus can eventually reveal that an Outsider with a disability can be a valuable citizen.

Duties: Social-engineering, staying out of trouble, giving intel on the area beyond Jericho
by Kazimova

Mitchie Sirel
Ksenia Solo

  • Level F
  • Early 20s, Early 30s
  • "Wheels"
An expert forger with the aptitude for hacking, Wheels can manipulate any digital signature before you can ask what she is doing. Unfortunately she resides on Level F with not a lot of resources. She has helped in the past with tapping into a few security cameras and finding the team the best route, but right now she is feeling under-appreciated. She may have some whacky phobias.

Duties: Hacking into SOME of the cameras of Level F, the river, and the tunnels. Figuring out how to hack into the identification system to retrieve genetic assessments, messing with the systems (difficult)

Shane West

  • Level E
  • "Roach"
No one messes with the Roach. Those who are stupid enough to do will find themselves squeezing tears out of a busted ego. The second in command or ringleader of Nexus means what he says goes and people listen to him despite his prejudices—he’s just that good at what he does. Being a high ranking military official, he is free to roam the levels and knows a few security measures. However, he does not want to lose his good standing and won’t risk it. He had been part of a botched plan formed by Nexus that ended up killing Tess Monet's husband (contact Drea for more info).

Duties: Finding secure routes for future assignments, looking for potential people who deserve an upgraded citizenship, Helping Outsiders get past the fence (not easy and risky, remember IC consequences!)
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Montgomery Hibberd
Jim Beaver

  • Approx 64-67
  • Fencer /Farmer
  • Lives in a large, communal house (large for fencers, at least)
  • Passes down stories of the “old days” to his adoptees
  • Tries to keep other fencers in their place, since he has lost many “children” to the military
  • Gruff, but only on the outside.
  • Passionate about his work
  • Tries to keep out of Jericho business

Branna Hibberd
Isabella Melo

  • Approx 21-26
  • “Daughter” of Montgomery (adoptive)
  • Lost her real parents to the military; completely terrified of them as a result
  • Suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, resulting in anxiety & panic episodes
  • Intelligent for a fencer
  • Selectively mute
  • Sterile from disrupted teenage pregnancy
  • A farmer, like Montgomery

Asher Enoch
Jon Kortajarena

  • Approx 26-31
  • Makes illegal moonshine from fermented crops, moldy bread, etc
  • Sells moonshine to Level F citizens through various infiltrators
  • No respect for the Elite, or Jericho citizens
  • Strong willed, and has been hired by other Fencers to strong-arm people out of their farms
  • Has a younger sister on the outside who he suspects he’ll never see again
  • Hot tempered
  • Sarcastic

Neri Enoch
Kat Dennings

  • Approx 20-26
  • Asher’s little sister
  • Has been hiding in the Fencer region for years, unknown to her brother
  • Watches her brother from afar, ashamed of his behaviour
  • Wants to bypass the Fencer region and make it into F somehow
  • Not easily impressed by things, and tends to make herself seem cooler than she is
  • Wants to help Jericho become more inclusive
  • Potential Nexus member on the outside

Jal Doran
Tahar Rahim

  • Approx 30-35
  • Came from outside the wall ten years prior
  • Lost his wife and children in a skirmish outside the wall
  • Wanders through the fencer regions, helping where he can
  • Helps people come to hard decisions
  • Calm and collected
  • Quiet & mysterious
  • Kind to those who deserve it

Taren Hibberd
Luca Hollestelle

  • Approx 18-22
  • Looks up to Montgomery
  • Born inside the wall to a Fencer woman who died shortly after giving birth
  • Has a certain longing curiosity for the inner walls
  • Loves to see how close she can get to the walls before someone drags her back
  • Looks for trouble in very dangerous places
  • Keeps her little adventures mostly to herself
  • Tries to keep Branna sane when she has little “episodes”
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.
by Nambs

Chris Johnson
Noah Wyle

  • 40-50 years old
  • Leader of the Rebels
  • Grew up with many siblings that he and his mother could not feed
  • Suffered great tragedy in childhood
  • Has a daughter he managed to smuggle into the city as an infant
  • Wears a red scarf everywhere he goes
  • Dedicated to his cause and willing to die for it
  • His goal: to destroy the walls of Jericho and force them to share their wealth with outsiders
  • Tenacious
  • Intelligent
  • Optimistic

Hava Rose
Christine Adams

  • 26-34 years old
  • Abused by relative in childhood
  • Ran away from home at a very young age
  • Lived alone in the desert
  • Still mistrustful of people
  • Smuggled for a time
  • Joined the rebels when Chris saved her from Jerichan guards
  • Dedicated to him
  • Second in command of the rebels
  • Passionate
  • Guarded
  • Slightly violent

Zephir Kelley
Dev Patel

  • 18-19
  • Youngest of the rebels, still a teenager
  • Orphaned when his parents were killed by Jerichan soldiers
  • Survived by living on the edges of the settlement and stealing what he needed to get by
  • Recruited for the rebels by Milo
  • Expert thief
  • Specializes in stealth, breaking and entering
  • Shy
  • Naive
  • Intelligent

Lavinia Khachaturians
Meryem Uzerli

  • 27-29
  • Married to Milo Khachaturians
  • Ex-citizen, formerly of Level C
  • Graduated Jericho University with a Masters in Computer Sciences and Programming
  • Met Milo on a jaunt down to Level F, ran away from the city to be with him
  • Acts as Rebel Tech Support and Engineer
  • Coordinates Security, surveillance, and weaponry
  • Playful
  • Vivacious
  • Energetic

Milo Khachaturians
Landon Liboiron

  • 25-30
  • Married to Lavinia Khachaturians
  • Originally a Fencer
  • Was severely beaten by Jerichan soldiers, developed a deep hatred for the city and everything having to do with it
  • Met Lavinia during a mission within the walls and fell in love
  • Is still deeply conflicted about his feelings, since his wife is from the city he hates
  • Acts as the muscle of the group, is always the first to put himself in danger
  • Very protective of Zephir, sees him as a sort of little brother
  • Reckless
  • Charming
  • Passionate

Eve Aspen
Julia Jones

  • 22-27
  • Daughter of one of Chris' friends
  • Was raised with anti-Jerichan ideals
  • Lost her father in a raid by Jerichan soldiers
  • Expert in combat and hand weapons like knives
  • Has a talent for climbing and acrobatics
  • Cynical
  • Protective
  • Short Tempered
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the city of jericho

All details regarding canons (name, age, PB, etc) are negotiable. Please contact an administrator with questions.

Ricky Valentine
Anton Yelchin

  • 20-25
  • Smuggler
  • Never knew father, mother died in childbirth
  • Raised by elderly grandfather who died when he was young
  • Survived by stealing from others
  • Very rambunctious, likes to climb things and get into fights
  • Taught himself to read
  • Rowdy
  • Adventurous
  • Immature

Oreana Payne
Billie Piper

  • 24-28
  • Healer in the settlement
  • Uses herbs and plants for her craft mostly
  • No formal training, was taught by her mother
  • Longs to learn medicine in Jericho
  • Many siblings
  • Intelligent
  • Selfless
  • Stubborn

Arlen Maybury
Anthony Kiedis

  • 35-40
  • Blacksmith, using ancient methods he fixes and forges tools and weapons
  • Has several tattoos on his body, each with a symbolic meaning only he knows
  • Unmarried, but has several illegitimate children
  • Is very wealthy for an outsider
  • Supplies weapons to outsiders so they can defend against Jerichan raids
  • Easygoing
  • Friendly
  • Strong

Kristen Kelly
Felicia Day

  • 25-30
  • Religious zealot
  • Husband died 4 years ago
  • Believes that mankind got what they deserved
  • Can be seen preaching on corners
  • Tries to live a Godly life
  • Sometimes has to resort to sin to feed herself and her son
  • Motherly
  • Devout
  • Kindhearted

Abbas El-Hashem
Naveen Andrews

  • 30-38
  • Traveler, came to Jericho with a group thinking that they would be safe here
  • Family is from the middle East
  • Speaks with heavy accent
  • Settled near Jericho when his family was killed by raiders
  • Scavenger, often sells to rebels
  • Opportunistic
  • Resilient
  • Shrewd

Maven Jaeder
Devon Aoki

  • 24-28
  • Raider
  • Lives in the wastes, attacks travelers for survival
  • Lives with a small group of followers, almost a "tribe" of sorts
  • Not afraid to resort to cannibalism to survive
  • Occasionally attacks the settlement when times are lean
  • Violent
  • Daring
  • Calculating
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