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Lazarus Palomo

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Player's Alias Nambs
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Nicknames Laz, Boss, Sir
Character Age 48
Class/Usergroup Class B
Occupation House of Lords
Sexuality Bi-Curious
Marital Status Married - Navya Palomo
(Class D)
Mother Anastasia Kae Ros
(Class C)
Father Enric Arturo Palomo
(Class B)
Siblings Maritza Ruth Palomo
(Class B)

NAME: Lazarus Emilio Palomo
DOB: April 26, 255J
CID: 8-774-035924
MOTHER: Anastasia Kae Ros (Class C)
FATHER: Enric Arturo Palomo (Class B)
SIBLINGS: Maritza Ruth Palomo (Class B)

GENETIC ASSESSMENT: Superior - Class B sequence
ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT: Student shows remarkable academic ability and a shrewd sense for strategy and planning. Excels in complex word problems, reading, and writing, but demonstrates poor performance in math and sciences. Student is an excellent public speaker and shows great promise with additional training.
PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT: Student is ambitious and tenacious. Clearly likes to be the center of attention and the leader of any group activities. Does not play well with other children unless they allow him to take the lead in games and projects. Is organized, but impulsive. Instincts seem to be strong for gaining the advantage over peers. Clearly a leader.


1.) HIS FIRST LANGUAGE IS SPANISH - His father was raised by a Level D family of Spanish decent, and so he was bilingual. He passed that on to his son, speaking in Spanish more often than English. Because of this, Lazarus didn't learn English until he was three.
2.) HE HATES BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO - As soon as someone tells him to do something, he has the sudden, overwhelming urge to do the exact opposite. He has a problem with authority.
3.) HE TALKS IN HIS SLEEP - Sometimes when he does this, it's only incomprehensible mumbles and grunts, but every now and then he'll say full words or sentences. Usually they're utter nonsense, like tell the Queen to give the doughnut his mittens back.
4.) HE IS A FIRESTARTER - You might call him something of a troll. He likes to push people's buttons and get a reaction out of them, he thinks it's funny.
5.) HE IS VERY SHREWD - Lazarus made his way to the House of Lords by his cunning and his determination not to be outdone by anyone else. He is ruthless without seeming unsympathetic, and can use charm and wit to win people over just as effectively as force.
6.) HIS MARRIAGE IS ONE OF CONVENIENCE - Lazarus has an interesting relationship with his wife in that they don't really consider themselves to be in love. Navya was his very best friend growing up, they got into so much trouble. But when it came time to graduate, it was discovered that she was the carrier for an extremely rare genetic disorder, and had a 70% chance of passing it on to any children she might have. Though her family was able to keep her off of Level F through bribery and connections, she was classed as a D citizen and had to look forward to a life of raising children she did not want. She and Lazarus formulated a plan to save her from this fate and get her back up to Level B where she belonged. They married to save her, but maintain an open relationship that is more like friends than husband and wife.
Age 24
Timezone Eastern
Playby Robert Downey Jr
About Me My name is Amber, but I go by my childhood nickname on the internet. Anyone who has an account on the RPG-D (which I HIGHLY recommend you do! It's a great place to find sites, post wanted ads, get advice, and just generally discuss rp) may recognize me, since I hang out there a lot under the same name.

I'm currently an Illustration student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, temporarily unemployed and hoping to start up a freelance business within the next year. I have two cats and a dog, love to cook, and my favorite things are: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Shameless, cooking, eating, alcohol, animals, and DISNEY!!!

I love plotting, but am pretty horrible about responding in plotters. Even so, please feel free to hit mine up. I'm also available for pltting via PM and IM, so please feel free to contact me any time.
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Thinking Out Loud


A Harry Potter Mystery RPG Crusader Citadel
The Kill Factor Legends - An Original Shifter RP