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James Bishop

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Nicknames Raith Lite
Character Age 198
Class/Usergroup Class A
Occupation Councilman
Sexuality Pansexual
Marital Status Single
Mother Birth Mother Unknown
(Class D)
Father Dr. James Porter Bishop
(Class C)
Siblings No Siblings
Bio "Happy Birthday, son."

James didn't jump, he'd been expecting this. Raith always visited him on his birthday, insisting that it was only proper considering the nature of their relationship. Just appeared out of thin air, always in the same corner of the room. James was very particular about keeping that area empty, so that Raith would always have a clear landing space. No telling when he might pop in unannounced.

Biologically speaking, they were closer than father and son, closer than siblings, closer even than identical twins. 99.9999% of their genetic code was identical. James was a perfect duplicate of Raith in nearly every way, down to the last freckle and hair follicle. Right down to the fingerprints.

But that was typical of clones.

He turned from his place at the elegantly carved liquor cabinet, his left eyebrow twitching upward slightly. "You're late," he said, indicating the drink that he had already poured in anticipation of the other man's arrival.

"Don't be stupid, I arrived exactly when I intended to. You're early."

"It's my house, how could I possibly be anything but early?" James replied bemusedly, pouring a drink for himself and settling in on the soft white couch.

"Don't give me your excuses, boy. I raised you better than that."

"You didn't raise me at all."

"Of course I did. I changed your diaper at least once, that has to count for something."

"Mmm, right. I'll just call you 'daddy' from now on, how about?"

A familiar grin lit up Raith's face at that, mischievous and unsettling. "Oh I wish you would..." he said in a low, sultry voice that elicited an exasperated sigh from James.

"You realize that every time you come onto me you're basically coming onto yourself, don't you?"

"That's the point, lad."

"And you don't find that disturbing?"

"Only thing better than masturbation."

"You are the very definition of narcissism, you know that don't you?"

"Don't act like I'm not the best looking person you know."

James ran a hand over his face and shook his head slightly. Every year the same thing, it was practically scripted by this point. He decided to try a new tact, deviate from the path a bit.

"Why are you the only one who ever visits me on my birthday?"

Raith shrugged, downing his drink in one go before pulling a cigarette case from his pocket. Tobacco was a luxury item that most people could not afford, but there always seemed to be an abundance of it on the top levels. Of course, when Raith lit the thing with a snap of his fingers it was made abundantly clear that it was not tobacco in that roll of paper. He took a long drag, considering his answer and when he finally gave it it was accompanied by a puff of smoke right in James' face.

"Probably because people don't realize we still keep count."



April, 52J
Project R.A.I.T.H. yields its first viable test subject. The male specimen is named Raith, after the acronym under which he was created.

June, 72J
After careful evaluation, project R.A.I.T.H. is deemed to be a total failure.

Approx 40 years pass

February, 96J
Dr. James Bishop, a lonely Level C scientist, meets Raith for the first time. They quickly become friends, having much in common.

October, 98J
Dr. Bishop presents a plan to the Council to clone Raith. He intends to remove the genetic markers that give Raith his extra abilities while keeping the enhanced physicality and extended lifespan. He believes that he can isolate the positive effects from the negative outcome and create a specimen that meets the original standards of Project R.A.I.T.H.

October, 98J
The Council denies his plan, feeling that the risk of accidentally creating another Raith is too great.

Dr. Bishop continues his research with Raith's full cooperation, attempting to provide more proof that a safe clone can be created.

August, 109J
Dr. Bishop appeals the Council's decision with new evidence that his theory is viable. He is once again denied.

June, 110J
Fueled by narcissism and desire for a companion that will live as long as he will, Raith takes it upon himself to appeal to the Council on Dr. Bishop's behalf. After some deliberation, the Council finally agrees to greenlight the experiment, provided it is carefully monitored. The subject is to be destroyed if it shares Raith's extra abilities.

July, 110J
Dr. Bishop begins the cloning process immediately.

February, 111J
After several failed attempts, a viable embryo with the correct gene sequence is created and implanted in a healthy Level D woman. This woman is brought to Level A and pampered for the duration of her pregnancy.

November 12th, 111J
A healthy boy is born, 20 inches and 7lbs., 8oz. He is named James Porter Bishop II, after the scientist who created him.

James is raised as a son by Dr. Bishop, with Raith acting as a sort of distant uncle. His development is closely monitored, but it is determined by his 5th birthday that the experiment was a success. James shows no signs whatsoever of extra abilities or mental instability. To the contrary, he is very alert and intelligent for his age, a desirable effect of his parentage.

James continues to grow and is groomed to become a member of the Council. He is told of his creation when it is decided that he is old enough to handle it. He reaches his 15th birthday and his aging begins to slow, as expected. Raith experienced the same thing during his puberty, when his powers began to manifest. James is monitored at all times, for fear that some latent abilities may appear.

By James' 26th birthday it is obvious that he is exactly as the doctor promised. Monitoring of his daily activities ceases, and he is allowed to join the general population of Level A for the first time. Education and training for a Council position continues, he is to take the seat of the next Council member to die.

August 9th, 154J
Dr. Bishop dies at age 79 of natural causes.

June 23rd, 173J
The eldest Council member dies at age 112 of natural causes and James takes his position.

173J - Present James has served on the Council for 136 years. His longevity gives him valuable insight that the other Elite lack, making him invaluable to Jericho's continued survival. So successful was Dr. Bishop's experiment that several scientists have approached the Council seeking to clone James and enrich the population with his superior genetic code, but he has denied them every time. He feels that it would be unwise for human beings to live as long as he and Raith are estimated to.

1.) HE FEELS BURDENED BY HIS IMMORTALITY - Raith is the only person with a lifespan comparable to James'. He has seen so many people age and die around him already, and while it gives him a very unique and important perspective on running the city, it is also very isolating. He has no idea how many years might be stretched out ahead of him, but he knows that they will likely be lonely and wearisome.
2.) HE HAS A SWEET TOOTH - Like Raith, James has a heightened metabolism. This means he needs to eat much more frequently, and favors calorie dense foods that are high in sugar. He is almost perpetually munching on something, usually sweet.
3.) HE GETS SICK WHEN HE IS ON GROUND LEVEL - Living above the level of the clouds for over 99% of his life, James is perfectly accustomed to the tiny movements and sways of the buildings in the wind. On the rare occasion that he needs to visit the ground level he suffers from a slight case of vertigo, not unlike a sailor getting his land legs back.
4.) HE DOES NOT DREAM - An unfortunate side effect of excessive gene tampering, James has never dreamt in his life.
5.) HE IS VERY CAREFUL ABOUT HIS DNA - James knows that the council and the geneticists on C want to clone him, and he also knows that they are not above doing it without his permission. Because of this, he is very careful about where he leaves behind his DNA. He refuses to drink out of glasses he can't take with him, he saves his cigarette butts to be incinerated later, and he opens doors with a handkerchief to avoid leaving behind skin cells. He is also extremely hesitant about getting into a relationship with anyone, and has been celibate by choice for the last 100 years.
6.) HE GOES JOGGING ON LEVEL C EVERY MORNING - James is a creature of habit. He wakes up at the same time every day, eats the same breakfast, and jogs in the same park, on the same path, every single day. He enjoys the solitude of being outside before everyone else has woken up, and the fresh air that he can't get up on A.
Age 24
Timezone Eastern
Playby Johnny Depp
About Me My name is Amber, but I go by my childhood nickname on the internet. Anyone who has an account on the RPG-D (which I HIGHLY recommend you do! It's a great place to find sites, post wanted ads, get advice, and just generally discuss rp) may recognize me, since I hang out there a lot under the same name.

I'm currently an Illustration student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, temporarily unemployed and hoping to start up a freelance business within the next year. I have two cats and a dog, love to cook, and my favorite things are: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Shameless, cooking, eating, alcohol, animals, and DISNEY!!!

I love plotting, but am pretty horrible about responding in plotters. Even so, please feel free to hit mine up. I'm also available for pltting via PM and IM, so please feel free to contact me any time.
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Thinking Out Loud


A Harry Potter Mystery RPG Crusader Citadel
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