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Mercie Hiyan

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Player's Alias Weez
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Nicknames Mercie Me
Character Age 18
Class/Usergroup Class A
Occupation painter
Sexuality heterosexual
Marital Status single
Mother Lucy Hiyan
(Class B)
Father Sterling Hiyan
(Class A)
Siblings none
Bio NAME: Mercie Stella Hiyan
DOB: June 21st 291J
CID: 3-484-920002
MOTHER: Lucy Hiyan (Class B)
FATHER: Sterling Hiyan (Class A)


ACADEMIC: Student shows lack of ability in mathematics, and sciences, but excels in the creative classes. Does not easily follow directions, prefers to work without instruction. Assignments are often turned in with drawings in the margins. Spends much of free time reading, and idle day dreaming. Test scores show a creative mind with little intellectual ability. Excels in the arts, and language classes, but seems unable to grasp simple logical concepts. Would best be suited for a career in the arts.
PERSONALITY: Student is sweet tempered, enthusiastic, and often considered naive. Student shows kindness, and empathy towards fellow students as well as in public service, and is often seen sharing with others. Student enjoys nurturing other's talents, and shows a nurturing nature. Does not respond well to strict discipline, or structure.

OCCUPATION: Mercie will be provided with a studio, gallery, and supplies to use as she sees fit. She will be given access to all levels of the city so that she may research, and sketch any scene she finds striking.
Extras Lucy Jefferson was a promising young artist. She loved oil paints, and pastels, and water colors. The trouble was that she was born into class B who didn't value the arts. So instead of using her skills to paint the world red, she had to force herself into being a lawyer. It didn't make her happy. She was too much of a free spirit. She wasn't very good at forcing herself to focus while in court, but somehow she manages. Somehow she was able to get through well enough at least to survive. She still did her art though, in her free time. Painting the sky line, and the fields, and the wall, and what she thought might be beyond the wall. That's how she met Sterling Hiyan. He was older, and charming, and smiled a lot. He also loved art. Particularly the kind that showed a different world.

They saw each other for a little while. Making a scene of themselves going out to dinner, and drinks. He'd funded her first, and only gallery opening. He saw it as the ultimate way to prove to her that he cared for her. Or at least make her think he cared for her. Soon after he asked her if she would like to donate an egg. He wanted a pretty blonde little girl, with big blue eyes, and the skill to paint. That's all he really wanted from her. She said yes, because what else could she say? And thus they made a baby. Lucy wasn't really sure that's what she wanted, but she'd do anything to make Sterling happy.

Mercie Hiyan was born months later to a surrogate. She was brought up as most elite children are, but her father. She never met her mother, and Sterling didn't talk about her much. The only sign of her in the house was a painting that had been hung in Mercie's room. And Daddy kept her pretty much under lock and key most of her life. He didn't want her mixing with the lower classes. He didn't want her going down to the lower levels to see what was down there. And he certainly didn't let her go anywhere near the fence if he could help it. She was Daddy's little princess and he wasn't about to let her out of his or the nanny's site.

When she graduated her father couldn't have been prouder of her. And was glad to have such an accomplished young lady. She was offered her own studio, supplies, and gallery to do with as she would. It has been a few months, but she has quickly risen from newly graduation bohemian, to well known painter. She may not be as famous as some, but she does fairly well, and her father is very proud of her progress.

She has still yet to meet her mother, but she desperately wants to know the woman who gave her such skill. She also wants to explore the world further, and to know more of it in hopes of maybe painting the reality beyond the floor of her class. However, Sterling has tried to keep her busy, and away from the lower levels so as to protect her.
Age 25
Timezone eastern
Playby devon jade
About Me It's me Weez! I'm 25. Majored in English and Art with a concentration in graphic design, and creative writing. Am currently going back to school for marketing.

I've been rping for a dog's age, no seriously, since I was like 12 and people rped on yahoo groups way back in the day.

Rapunzel is my favorite princess. I read a LOT. And... I think that's it.
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