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Darius Grimm

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Character Age 27
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NAME: Darius Ignatius Grimm
DOB: December 13, 281J
CID: 8-331-554720
MOTHER: Sasha Marie Grimm
(Class D)
FATHER: Ignatius Damien Grimm (Class E)

GENETIC ASSESSMENT: Poor - Class F sequence. Student shows significant risks for heart and lung disease, diabetes, cancer, and liver failure. Possible immune system deficiencies.

ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT: Early tests indicated above average IQ, confirmed at age 10. Student is mentally gifted, grasps concepts far beyond his grade level, and has an apparent delight for learning and discovery. Is often seen reading and building with blocks or solving three dimensional puzzles. Shows obvious talent for spacial reasoning and problem solving.

PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT: Student is extremely socially dysfunctional. Examination showed signs of possible social disabilities. Asperger's Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder suspected, but all tests proved negative. Student shows no desire to interact with other people in his age group and appears equally irate with adults. Does not work well with others, but exceeds all expectations when left alone. In solitude, student is focused and determined, though disorganized and clumsy. Would do well in a solitary work environment with problems to solve.


1.) HE HAS A ROBOTIC EYE THAT HE FAVORS - Darius lost his eye as a child in a very traumatic accident. It was replaced with a cybernetic one, and he has improved on the design over the years. His natural eyesight is extremely poor, so he favors the robotic eye significantly, usually turning his head and peering at people with his good eye when talking to them. It can be a bit unnerving, especially because that eye is not completely natural looking.
2.) HE IS HEMOPHOBIC - The sight of blood, the smell of blood, the thought of blood, even the merest indication that someone could be bleeding is enough to trigger a violent physical reaction in Darius. Video games and movies don't bother him, it's only real, in-person blood. This is the reason he did not become a biologist.
3.) HE IS A PACKRAT, WITH NOTES AND PAPERS STUCK ALL OVER THE WALLS - Darius is an extremely disorganized, forgetful person. He's often so focused on his tasks, or on solving some problem or other that he forgets to do basic things like combing his hair, cleaning up, or putting his environment into some sense of order. He isn't a dirty person, just messy, and his walls are plastered with taped notes and reminders to himself.
4.) HE REPEATS HIMSELF A LOT - His brain sometimes moves faster than his mouth can keep up, and so he tends to forget he said something and repeats himself several times in a conversation. This has lead people in the past to question whether he still has all his marbles.
5.) HE IS VERY OUTGOING, BUT ALSO VERY UNFRIENDLY - Darius doesn't like you, and he's not afraid to tell you so. He has never been shy, quiet sometimes certainly, but never shy. He doesn't really like people, and he makes sure they know.
6.) HIS GENIUS COULD NOT SAVE HIM FROM STERILIZATION - Darius' genetic tendencies for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer could have been forgiven in favor of his extreme intelligence if not for his behavioral problems. In the end, it was decided that he was simply too flawed to be permitted to reproduce, no matter how smart he was. He sees it as a waste of time and money, since he hates children and has absolutely no desire to find a sexual partner anyway.
7.) HE IS VERY UNHEALTHY - Darius makes no effort to live a healthy lifestyle. He drinks and smokes in abundance, eats fatty, processed foods, and rarely exercises. He knows that he has poor genes and shouldn't expect to live a long life anyway, so he doesn't see the point in fighting it. He just takes his handful of pills every morning and does what he wants.
Age 24
Timezone Eastern
Playby Loius Garrel
About Me My name is Amber, but I go by my childhood nickname on the internet. Anyone who has an account on the RPG-D (which I HIGHLY recommend you do! It's a great place to find sites, post wanted ads, get advice, and just generally discuss rp) may recognize me, since I hang out there a lot under the same name.

I'm currently an Illustration student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, temporarily unemployed and hoping to start up a freelance business within the next year. I have two cats and a dog, love to cook, and my favorite things are: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Shameless, cooking, eating, alcohol, animals, and DISNEY!!!

I love plotting, but am pretty horrible about responding in plotters. Even so, please feel free to hit mine up. I'm also available for pltting via PM and IM, so please feel free to contact me any time.
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A Harry Potter Mystery RPG Crusader Citadel
The Kill Factor Legends - An Original Shifter RP