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Noelle Greer

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Player's Alias Callisto
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Nicknames No-no's, Elle, Noey
Character Age 22
Class/Usergroup Class C
Occupation Epidemiologist
Sexuality Heterosexual
Marital Status Single
Mother Hannah Noble (C)
Father Johnathan Greer (C)
Siblings No Information
Bio i.
Our daughter is born unexpectedly. Hannah didn't even know she was pregnant until last month; we thought we had time to figure things out. The baby is a month and a half early, with no prior warnings of birth defects. To the doctors, they say she is completely healthy. An ugly pink piece of flesh with fingers, toes, and a stumpy little head. What a fowl creature. Hannah suggests we try to keep in contact; I knew I shouldn't have married a pediatrician.

Disgusting little beast. I bet she's not even mine.

I wake up in the pantry of my foster parents house, listening to them scream above the roar of the radio. They don't want to upset me, so they try to drown out their noises with what sounds like a cat being skinned. In reality, it's a violin from a live production being played off-key on purpose, to provoke a harsher reaction from the audience.

At seven years old, I was used to the two fighting. Having parents from level C meant that I had to be raised by people who weren't my family. Not to mention that I was completely unexpected and unwanted.

I hear the argument die down, and I climb out of the kitchen cupboard, heading for the staircase that will lead me to my room. Avoiding eye contact with my "parents', I steadily climb the staircase and close my eyes as soon as my back connects with my bed.

"Only ten more years." I tell myself silently, hugging a small plush toy I've made from scraps of leather coats my foster-father no longer wants.

Graduation day has come. I stare at the small piece of paper before me, smiling with excitement. Final Class Ruling: Level C. Finally back to where I was born... Maybe I'll find my parents. I'm packed within the week and off to the address I've been given by my foster mother. Hopefully they'll still be there. Most people don't move that often once they've been living in an area for so long.

I feel the heat of my biological father's hand connecting with my face as he slaps me. Beside him, my mother is crying and reaching her fingers out to me, but I can't hear what she's saying above his screams of anger. He stalks around the room after hitting me, and I lay there, scared to move, as he yells about what a mistake I was, how the birth control Hannah had taken was defective. Salt stings what I can only assume is an open cut along the side of my cheek, until I realize: I hit my head on their coffee table on the way down. Quickly, I gather my single duffle bag and retreat through the door, ignoring the cries of my mother and the screeching of my father.

I'm in the emergency room at the hospital, feeling a doctor's freezing cold hands as he stitches the gash in my head. I tell him I fell and cut my head on the corner of a table, but I know he can tell it's more than just that.

Despite my concussed state, I manage to correct him several times on the equipment he's using, to which he points out that he's an intern, and maybe I should become a doctor since I know so much.

A half-heart laugh and two year later, I'm almost finished my work term as a Epidemiologist. It coincides with my birthday, so a few other interns and myself go out to dinner.

It's one of the happiest nights of my life.

Present day. I've decided to take my work to the Level F of Jericho. An outpost station had posted a wanted ad for a new specialist, and it paid pretty well, considering no one really ever wanted to go to Level F to work.

I leave tomorrow for my first day. I hope I'm not disappointed in my decision to help people get well again.
Extras Noelle was the mistaken offspring of Hannah Noble and another man. Covering up her discrepancies, Hannah feigned not knowing she was pregnant for the first seven months before finally telling Johnathan that she was pregnant.

She has a half-brother on her father's side that she has no idea about - Her brother lives on level C, is 28, and works at a local club as security. Her real father lives on level E, as a soldier. He's married, but the marriage is strained, hence why he had an affair with his son's physician. (Noelle's mother.)

Noelle has a deep, seeded hatred for her father, and although her mother has tried to contact her, she has no interest in hearing from either of her parents.

Altogether, Noelle is a headstrong, but stubborn woman with a bit of a bleeding heart. She feels bad for people stuck on lower levels, and wants to do everything in her power to help them lead better lives.

From the altercation with her father, she has a small three-inch tapering scar above her right eye, where the coffee table sliced her forehead open.

Apples, Children, and a nice pair of fitted boots.

Rude People, Artichokes, Bad Parents, and writing in blue pen ink.

PUSS IN BOOTS: Noelle has a tortoiseshell cat named Ilyana - Yana for short. It was given to her as a present for her 20th birthday by her friend Nash.
Age 22
Timezone -4:00 GMT Atlantic Time
Playby Emma Stone
About Me My name is Callisto online; I've also gone by Lychee and Rhia. I've been RPing for around... 11 years? Maybe 12, I can't even remember now. I love it though, and every time I seem to lull out of it, someone or something always drags me back in. I guess I'm just a sucker for the writing community.
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Thinking Out Loud


A Harry Potter Mystery RPG Crusader Citadel
The Kill Factor Legends - An Original Shifter RP