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Jacques Orleans

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Player's Alias Weez
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Nicknames Jacq, Jacqie
Character Age 23
Class/Usergroup Class D
Occupation Professional Fencer
Sexuality heterosexual
Marital Status single
Mother Constance Orleans - Class D
Father Inigo Orleans - Class D
Siblings Jacob Athos (Class E), Logan Aramis (Class B), Rafael Pathos (Class E)
Bio Jacques Orleans is the only natural born child of Constance and Inigo Orleans. Constance was always the mothering kind. Beautiful, and kind. The kind of woman who just radiated warmth. Inigo was a professional fencer who took to teaching once he got to old to compete. He settled down to spend his life with Constance, and raise their children.

Before Jacques the couple took in three foster sons, we'll call them Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Each from a different family. Each saw their parents once or twice a year. They all kept their family names, but they never considered anyone except Inigo, and Constance to be their parents. And then when little Jacques was born, the beautiful blue eyed blonde haired little girl, they considered her to be their baby sister.

In giving birth to Jacques, Constance passed away. She'd never had any children of her own despite her mothering instincts, and it became painfully obviously as labor began that she wasn't going to make it. The stronger the baby grew, the weaker her mother grew. Labor lasted for hours. When the little girl was finally born, her mother slipped away before even getting the chance to name the child, nor the chance to hold her.

Inigo had been in the room, holding her hand the whole time. Coaching her through it. Because he was a good husband, and that was what he believed was right. He felt the life leave her, and for the longest time he wasn't able to so much as look at the baby girl. When he finally did he muttered his father's name, Jacques. Jacques Constance Orleans. She was beautiful, with eyes like her mother's. And he fell in love with her the moment he looked at her. He knew in that moment that he'd do anything for his little girl.

Shortly after the boys were allowed to meet their baby sister, and they were all instantly taken with her. Even if she wasn't their biological sister. From that very first night when she was curled up in her father's arms as he read The Man in the Iron Mask to her and her brothers, the tiny little baby was destined to be something more than girls generally were in Level D.

She spent her days in school, and her evenings watching her father train her brothers, and listening to their stories of duels. It was a good life, very good. When her father started taking on students from the upper levels he'd take the kids with him to make sure the student had someone to spar with that was their own age, and skill level. It was during these lessons that Jacques got paired off with a little boy from the upper levels. They didn't get along. He was a brat, and he didn't like being bested by a girl, but Jacques wasn't about to go easy on him just to make him feel better.

The years past, and the boy got better, but he was never able to best Jacq who had been sparring since she was able to walk. Finally his parents stopped the lessons, and she didn't have to deal with him anymore. Jacq finished school, and took her final assessments. Although she never came off as the motherly type, she wasn't as sweet natured as her mother, she was classed in D as her father had been. Instead of settling to become a mother, as was expected of her, she decided to go into the professional fencing circuit. Making a name for herself in a few short years.

NAME: Jacques Constance Orleans
DOB: July 14, 286J
CID: 3-484-688001
MOTHER: Constance Blaise Orleans - Deceased (Class D)
FATHER: Inigo Dumas Orleans (Class D)
SIBLINGS: Jacob Athos (Class E), Logan Aramis (Class B), Rafael Pathos (Class C)


GENETIC ASSESSMENT: Superior - Class D sequence
ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT: Student shows little to no enthusiasm in a classroom setting, with the exception of a fascination for history. Yet, excels in physical situations. Is focused and driven when given proper motivation, but lacks the ability to follow directions when uninterested.
PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT: Student is kind, and caring, but also quick tempered. Student is keen on protecting those weaker than herself when bullied, and will stand up to someone much larger than her if the circumstances are right. Does not respond well to discipline, but responds well enough to structure. Shows caring with children, and mothering instincts when children are "threatened".

Age 25
Timezone eastern
Playby gabriella wilde
About Me It's me Weez! I'm 25. Majored in English and Art with a concentration in graphic design, and creative writing. Am currently going back to school for marketing.

I've been rping for a dog's age, no seriously, since I was like 12 and people rped on yahoo groups way back in the day.

Rapunzel is my favorite princess. I read a LOT. And... I think that's it.
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Thinking Out Loud


A Harry Potter Mystery RPG Crusader Citadel
The Kill Factor Legends - An Original Shifter RP